Angel Network - 5x5 Club


An extremely powerful tool that by you sending only 5 emails you can reach tens of thousands of people

You can help us reach thousands of people to tell them about our website, let them know the work we are doing, and they can send in what they are doing to spread “Angel Attitude” in their community, or how they can nominate their own Angels Without Wings for us to put on this website.  All it takes is 5 emails to people who are dedicated to this work!

Here’s how the Angel 5x5 Club will work: 

1. All you have to do to reach tens of thousands of people to send 5 simple emails.  (Snail mail and phone calls work just as well!)

You get 5 people who care as deeply as you do about helping people or helping innocent animals, and who join you in building an email network.  Five people – that’s all it takes! 

2. Here’s how many calls would be generated from you sending only 5 emails: 

Number of New Emails Generated per Level                 Total Cumulative Reached

5                                                                                             5

5 x 5 = 25                                                                              30

5 x 25 = 125                                                                         155

5 x 125 = 625                                                                       780

5 x 725 = 3,125                                                                 3,905

5 x 3,125 = 15,625                                                           19,530

3. Each of your 5 people will also agree that they will also recruit 5 people who will agree to also send 5 emails.  As a result of you contacting your 5 people on your "team", 30 e-mails sent – spreading the word about Angels Without Wings.

4.  Now if these 5 people in turn get 5 people to agree that when they get an e-mail they will then contact the 5 people they have recruited on their "team" to do the same

In short, all you have to do to keep people updated with what is happening with Angels Without Wings, is to send 5 e-mails -- that's all!

And because the 5 people you are contacting will in turn contact their 5 people, and so on down the line – each person sending only five emails will reach tens of thousands of people. 

Note:  If only 10% of the people who commit to sending e-mails on Level 6 actually do so, that still is a volume of over 1,900 emails.  That’s downright angelical! 

Can I have more than 5 people on my downline email network?

Absolutely!  The more the merrier!  We can’t have enough people spreading the Angel Attitude.

So what are you waiting for? 

Please join us and watch us take flight!

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